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My WP Courses practice site

My name is Susan and this is my practice website.

Buzzing toward beauty

In summer, we have a Sunflower Watch. I like to buy seeds in spring and summer during long winter days. I look for more than the golden sunflowers. Deep reds, flaming oranges, some shaded like ombre, and others pale yellow, sunflowers take their time to open. We watch them soar and wait. The height of many rival Goliath. It’s thrilling and awe-inspiring to watch as these beauties open and turn their faces to the sun.


From gardens years ago to Summer 2022…


In Spring, the peonies arrive and then – my first favorite flower – Shasta daisies. Black-eyed Susans and coneflowers return as well. They draw bees and butterflies to the yard. Coneflowers are native to the Miami Valley area, so they do very well each year. These flowers tend to pop up in different areas of the yard than where we plant them. I love that. I have a feeling squirrels are actually doing their part to make that happen.

Black-eyed Susans

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Coneflowers or echinacea

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